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Setenay Özbek
Artist statement:
"I see art as my way of contributing to peace and values.
Art can instill relations between different cultures and help to save peace and love in the world..."

1990  Upper 1nd Degree from Marmara University, Faculty of Fine Arts, and Department of Performing Arts Faculty.
2006    Participated in the 238th Summer Exhibition of Royal Academy of Arts - London, England. There, her paintings “Funfair” and “Harvest” were shortlisted among over 9,000 works. 
2014    Novel entitled “The Great Exile” was published with the support of the Ministry of Culture. The novel was completed in 2015.
2016    She was the producer of the recent cinema film “Name Human”.
As a member of International PEN Association of Writers Turkish Center and International Association of Art (A.I.A.A) to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), she is continuing her work at her workshop in Bodrum.
2009    Winner of the Bakrac Art Gallery 30th Year Art Competition
2009    5th Tashkent International Biennale of Contemporary Art, "3rd Runner up”
Published Novels:
2002    Blue of Night (Gendaş Kültür Publications) Short Stories
2005    No one Can be Someone Else (Cadde Publications) Short Stories

A documentary film about her:
2008    “Düşlerle Gelen / Brought by dreams” a documentary film about Setenay Özbek – Turkish Radio Television (TRT2) by producer Ismet Yazici
Her work of art themes are the peace, universe and existence. Also, she uses color as a narrative element on abstract expressionist paintings.
She made art events which are individual and group exhibitions in some countries such as United States, France, Britain, Bulgaria, Serbia, Switzerland, Egypt, Belgium and China. Besides, she has a work of art painting which was used as a topic the peace, universe and existence in Modern Art Museum of Serbia.
2008    Invitation to the Faculty of Fine Arts El Minia University for the International Workshop of Visual Arts.
2008    Invited to 3rd International Art Festival in Dryanovo 2008, Bulgaria. 
2008    Invited to a workshop organized by the Egyptian El Minia University Fine Arts Faculty and to a presentation on “Modern Art in Turkey”.
2008    Participated as a guest artist at the - Saint Moritz “Master Of Arts” artistic events, Switzerland.
2008    Participated at the 3rd International Arts Festival in Dryanovo Bulgaria organized by Galeri Panev and Polycommerce-SG.
2007    Studio work completed in France at the invitation of the Saint Henri Association.

Selected Solo Exhibitions:
2017     “Performance Artist” International Atasehir Municipality Festival, Istanbul Turkey
2017    “ Selection” Frankie Istanbul, Sofa Hotel, Turkey
2016    “Imaginary Transformation”  Kent Art Gallery, Ankara, Turkey
2014     "Inner Reminiscences" ART350, Istanbul, Turkey
2012    "Without Borders" ART350, Istanbul, Turkey
2011     “Summer” Fulya Terrace Inanlar Bureau, Istanbul, Turkey
2012    "Inner Reminiscences" Berze Collectibles, Istanbul, Turkey
2011    Gallery Espas, Istanbul, Turkey
2010    TIGGES Rechtsanwälte, Düsseldorf, Germany
2010    Bakrac Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
2009    International Art Studio “Radovan Trnavac Mica”, Valjevo, Serbia
2009    “Cosmos” Rep. of Turkey, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Suna Cokgur Ilıcak Art Gallery, Ankara, Turkey
2008    "Cosmos", Austria Consulate General Culture Office, Palace Yenikoy, Istanbul, Turkey
2008    "Dedicated to the Moment", Gallery Binyil, Istanbul, Turkey 
2007    "Sincerity", Gallery Artist, Istanbul,  Turkey
2007    "Inner Reminiscences" Gallery A, Istanbul, Turkey
2006    6th Ankara Fine Arts Fair, Gallery Binyıl, Ankara, Turkey
2006    Türkiye İş Bankası Art Gallery, Izmir,  Turkey
2005    Ankara Fine Arts Fair, Gallery X, Ankara, Turkey 
2005    Art Istanbul 2005, Gallery X, Istanbul,  Turkey

Selected Group Exhibitions:
2019    “ Global Views Istanbul” Nishantasi, Istanbul, Turkey
2019    40 Artists, IstinyePark, Istanbul Turkey
2018    “Blue and Green” 20 Artists Exhibition, Alta Sanat, Bodrum, Turkey
2017    Galeria Luz de la Vida, Malaga, Spain
2016     In Honor of Baris Manco (Well known Turkish Singer)  Besiktaş Municipalty, Besiktas, Istanbul, Turkey
2014    “War, Exile, Life”, KAFDAV, Galery Uray, Çankaya Municipality, Ankara
2013    “9 artist / 9 works” Permanent Delegation of Turkey to the European Union, Brussels
2013    “Free and 90, Republic Exhibition” Embassy of Turkey, Berlin, Germany
2011    Citibank A.Ş. ve Galeri Espas, Citigold Select, Levent, Istanbul
2011    K.T.O. Konya Karatay University 1st International Art, Culture, Science Days,
Konya, Turkey
2011    Izmir 1st International Art Biennale, Izmir, Turkey
2011    IROK Gallery (Horst, Nederland)
2010    "Power Of Dynamism" Gallery Binyil, Istanbul, Turkey 
2010    “Wall for Peace – AFPIAAP”, Sanski, Sarajevo, Bosnia – Hergzegovina
2010    "FEED_BACK"  / Los Angeles Center for Digital Art,  U.S.A
2010    "Comparison of Tomorrow in Turkey" Beşiktaş Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
2010    4th International Sharm El Sheikh Fine Arts Forum, Egypt
2009    5th Tashkent International Biennale of Contemporary Art, Uzbekistan
2009    “Republican Women”, Gallery Sevart, Istanbul, Turkey
2009    “Nature, Water, Love” Group Exhibition Gallery Binyil, Istanbul, Turkey 
2009    Arnavutkoy Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey 
2008    "85/85 Republic Exhibition", The Marmara Art Gallery - art&life, Istanbul
2008    Contemporary Istanbul 08, Gallery art&life, Istanbul, Turkey 
2008    "October Passage VII" ITU Maslak, Istanbul, Turkey 
2008    Third International Art Festival Dryanovo 2008, Bulgaria
2008    Caucasian Culture Association, Adana, Turkey 
2007    Association Saint Henri, International Art Camp, Group Exhibition and Auction Sale / Saint Henri, France
2007    "October Passage VI" Galeri X, Istanbul, Turkey 
2007    Gallery Binyil, Istanbul, Turkey 
2007    Uchisar Group Exhibition, French Association of Culture, Istanbul, Turkey  
2007    “30 / 30 KARMA (ŞIK)” The Marmara Art Gallery - art&life, Istanbul 
2007    Gallery A, Istanbul, Turkey 
2007    Adana Caucasian Culture Association, "6th Exhibition of Traditional Painting, Sculpture and Ceramics" Adana, Turkey  
2007    "Caucasian Art and Cultural Heritage" Belgian North-Caucasian 
Association / MuHKa Museum, Belgium,  Turkey 
2007    Baglarbasi Caucasian Culture Association, "III Meeting of Caucasian Painters" Istanbul,  Turkey 
2007    International Art Symposium and Group Exhibition, Uchisar and 
Istanbul, Turkey 
2006    "X-Trem-Ist 2" Gallery X, Istanbul,  Turkey 
2006    Caucasian Culture Association, "Meeting of Caucasian Painters" Adana, Turkey 
2006  "The Lost Languages of Kafdağı", Caucasian Cultural Association, Adana Turkey  
2006    Gallery Binyil, Istanbul, Turkey  
2005    Moda Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey  
2005    Mersin University "October Passage IV", Mersin, Turkey 
2005    Association Modern Art Museum (Modern-İst) Gallery X, Istanbul, Turkey 
2005    "X -Trem-Ist" Gallery X Istanbul, Turkey